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I Stole The Male Lead's First Night 4.8

I Stole The Male Lead's First Night

Chapter 1

3,465 Jul 10,20 Msg

Due to a mistake one night, I became the target of the most obsessive man and a villainess! After possessing Ripley, a baron’s daughter and an extra in a novel, I became the female lead. Since this is the case, I will try to enjoy the riches and luxuries of a nobleman that I couldn’t experience in my past life. I can remember up to drinking alone in a corner at a party… but I wo
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A Will Eternal 4.9

A Will Eternal

Chapter 1

2,026 Jul 09,20 Er Gen

One will to create oceans. One will to summon the mulberry fields. One will to slaughter countless devils. One will to eradicate innumerable immortals. Only my will… is eternal. A Will Eternal tells the tale of Bai Xiaochun, an endearing but exasperating young man who is driven primarily by his fear of death and desire to live forever, but who deeply values friendship and family.
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Seasons of Blossom 4.7

Seasons Of Blossom

Chapter 2

1,070 Jul 08,20 홍덕

Children who are beginning their youth. Their growing pain on their way to spring.
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Bittersweet 4.7


Chapter 1

805 Jul 08,20 Yung gong

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Me And Four Mr.Gu 4.7

Me And Four Mr.gu

Chapter 7

4,819 Jul 08,20 Chao ji meng (yuanzhu),Qian du wenhua

I encountered four Mr.Gu. One is a prince, One is a troublesome devil, One is an evil person, One is a guardian god. And Four Mr. Gu only belongs to me. A cinderella must be married to replace her sister and a president with four personalities …
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The King and the Poor Girl 4.5

The King And The Poor Girl

Chapter 3

4,651 Jul 10,20 Sâu lười

Thien Hoa, the king of birds, was handsome and talented, but his personality was so hateful that he turned into the most unpleasant chick in the world. The mother queen was so dissatisfied with her son that she sealed his power and kicked him down to earth. Not before cursing him — “You will fall madly in love with the first person you see.” That unfortunate person who became Thi
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Dream of Night Bloom 4.3

Dream Of Night Bloom

Chapter 18

8,206 Jul 10,20 Ai yue guo

The night her acting skill was finally recognized by the famous director Ye Ze, she died in this man’s hand. Yet instead of be gone for good, she woke up as another woman—a woman who seemed to have very complicated relations with that murderer. Vowing to revenge, yet her heart burnt and ached every time she tried to plunge a knife into this man’s chest…
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Ordinary Girl 4.7

Ordinary Girl

Chapter 0

525 Jul 08,20 Bebelac441144

Evelyn’s life is so monotonous. Well… at least until a boy who claimed to be from the world of magicians came to fetch her.
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Satan's Deepest Cry 4.9

Satan's Deepest Cry

Chapter 0

557 Jul 08,20 Dedewdew211

Oh, how unfair the heavens, and strange the world… Wings were forged for flight, so why has god forsaken the ducks, chickens, and ostriches? Teasing their dreams of soaring through the sky but confining them to the very earth. In a world where everyone is born with God’s blessing, he is the only anomaly. Can Ergera outclass the God that abandoned him, whilst simultaneously saving the
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A Strange Life 4.6

A Strange Life

Chapter 2

3,543 Jul 05,20 카나리아

Unable to handle her huge debts, office worker Ki Myo Hee decides to commit suicide by jumping off the roof of a commercial building. Just then, a Grim Reaper appears in front of her and tells her to try living for 100 more days?! When she opens her eyes, she finds out that the life she has regained is not of a human’s but that of a cat’s?
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Red Envelope Fairy Group 3.7

Red Envelope Fairy Group

Chapter 1

4,457 Jul 05,20 Eluru

The unlucky male protagonist accidentally joins the fairy chat group, and an extraordinary student life starts like this
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Hello, Summer 4.1

Hello, Summer

Chapter 1

985 Jul 05,20 Yam

He climbed onto a tree to avoid the teacher and saw a strange girl on top of the tree full of white beautiful petals. The summer sun shined as bright as the white flowers on the strange Han Yeoreum (summer). He endlessly searches for the storage room filled with memories of her.
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I want to do it, even if it hurtsa 4.6

I Want To Do It, Even If It Hurtsa

Chapter 3

5,522 Jul 07,20 채랑비

I had loved “him” unrequitedly for a very long time. However, to him, Hayeon wasn’t a woman. If you put it nicely, she was a junior from the same club. And if you went a little further, she was a girl from the same workplace. That was it. But he’s getting married? “I’m going to go on a blind date and get married as quickly as possible.” Hayeon could not co
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Always You 4.7

Always You

Chapter 1

1,727 Jul 10,20 Ha tae wan,kim joo hee

All my life, every moment, it was you.
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Kiss Me Please 3.4

Kiss Me Please

Chapter 1

1,064 Jul 03,20 Han Ji-Heh,Han Jihae

A story about a man with a disease where he dies if he doesn’t kiss, and the secret kissing contract made in order to keep him alive; an office contract romance. (Hour of Lunacy)
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Emilone's Temptation Labyrinth 4.8

Emilone's Temptation Labyrinth

Chapter 1

4,816 Jul 03,20 Idera

Emilone was a well-known actress before she got transported to another world and became a saint. She got a plausible name of ‘the Holy Lady Who Moved Dimensions’, but she didn’t receive any attention. This happened because all the Empire’s attention was on Princess Ronella. As a result, Emilone, who was devoted to her work as a saint, accidentally discovered the secret of P
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Beware of Your Boyfriend 4.4

Beware Of Your Boyfriend

Chapter 2

1,021 Jul 03,20 이네

Da-In and Si-Hyun are in the same class, but they’ve never spoken to each other. One day, an unfamiliar guy appears and says he is the Lee Si-Hyun from the future, and that they’ll go out with each other. Da-In doesn’t believe him, but as his predictions come true, she starts to trust him. As Da-In shows interest in Si-Hyun, their classmates say they are flirting with each other.
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Glotoneria 4.5


Chapter 1

4,019 Jul 03,20 Ktoon

In 17th century Europe, in the depths of a forest, lived a vampire boy named Isaac. He would devour all who entered his forest. Yet, he saved a girl named Livana solely because her flame-like hair resembled his mother’s. In the process of this, memories of his mother are stirred up. Meanwhile, Livana’s family is continuously embroiled in a series of unfortunate events, and Livana herse
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A Villain Is a Good Match for a Tyrant 4.8

A Villain Is A Good Match For A Tyrant

Chapter 5

44,331 Jul 09,20 유이란 (yoo leeran)

One day the tyrant, Estian, sent a marriage proposal to Cecil. She got dragged to the empire unwillingly but when she saw the emperor’s face she had a change of heart. “You’re quite the hottie aren’t you?” She liked her husband. And her husband likes her back too! To live happily with her tyrant husband does Cecil need to become a villainess far worse than the tyrant?
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One Thing I Can’t Say 4.5

One Thing I Can’T Say

Chapter 2

1,955 Jul 03,20 Nillsp

Glen has feelings for his childhood friend, Nikki, but cannot tell her because they promised to stay friends forever. Giving up on having a romantic relationship with her, Glen decided to be happy just by staying by her side. But slowly, their friendship is changing.
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I Won't Marry The Enemy Prince 4.4

I Won't Marry The Enemy Prince

Chapter 0

578 Jul 02,20 三福动漫 san fu dong man

The “God of Annihilation”, Yan Xi, defeated the enemy country but brought back one of the country’s princesses. The doll-like 5-year-old Tao Xiaowei disturbs all the chickens and dogs in the palace, while the cold-blooded prince gets his first experience at raising a child. A few years after defeating the enemy country and returning home, the pair sets off destroying other advers
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The World of Lilith 3.6

The World Of Lilith

Chapter 1

939 Jul 02,20 Lala二世

Lilith, a 500-year-old vampire, is determined to leave her harem of pretty boys ! Will she be left alone in the human world ? Or will she starve herself ? French: Lilith, jeune vampire de 500 ans, est résolue à quitter son harem de jolis garçons ! Sera-t-elle laissée à elle-même dans le monde humain ? Ou bien s’abandonnera-t-elle à sa faim ?
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Monster's Entertainment Guide 4.2

Monster's Entertainment Guide

Chapter 3

1,112 Jul 09,20 Lin youqing (林幼清)

After the destruction of his home, the mountain god Shen Shan entered the entertainment industry, rising to the top to become the King of Movies. A small, slow snail by the name of Jinglin descended the mountain to become the Movie King’s assistant, aiding him in his daily life. In an industry filled with monsters, these two help their fellow displaced monsters in rebuilding their homes and
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