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Kamiina Botan, Yoeru Sugata wa Yuri no Hana. 4

Kamiina Botan, Yoeru Sugata Wa Yuri No Hana.

Chapter 3: #3

18,045 Jul 07,20 Hey 塀

Kamiina Botan is a 20-year-old college student. At the welcome party for the dorm she was assigned to, the dorm leader Ibuki gives her a highball to drink and she becomes tipsy, leading to her involvement with Ibuki from now on... A tipsy teasing girl's comedy!
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Shokei Shoujo no Ikirumichi 4

Shokei Shoujo No Ikirumichi

Chapter 1: An Encounter, And...

1,713 Jun 18,20 Mato Satou,Ryo Mitsuya

In this world, there are Strays - people who arrived from another world's Japan. These Strays were responsible for a great disaster in the past so upon being spotted, they are meant to be killed by Executioners. Menou, an Executioner, meets a Stray named Akari, who she kills without hesitation. Yet, Akari comes back to life. Searching for a way to kill her, this journey of
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Mutually Unrequited Twin Sisters 4.6

Mutually Unrequited Twin Sisters

Chapter 2: Can't Sleep

16,500 Jun 27,20 Hachiko

Useless lesbitwins.
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Beni Tsubaki 3.9

Beni Tsubaki

Chapter 3: Goddess Pele: Hawaii

15,495 Jul 09,20 Takahashi Hirona

Kisshioin Tsubaki aka the "Crimson Camellia", a beautiful lady reporter of the occult, wants to satisfy her intellectual curiosity by having a hands-on experience with every Yokai she can find. Follow her in her travels, accompanied by her trusted cameraman Yokomizo-kun.
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Peaceful Yuri Manga 4.4

Peaceful Yuri Manga

Chapter 5

10,040 Jun 18,20 Chihuri

Yuri manga, taking place in a fictional Russia.
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It's OK / It's Embarrassing! 4.6

It's Ok / It's Embarrassing!

Chapter 2: It's Embarrassing!

7,456 May 28,20 Uchimura Kaname

Description: The thought of going on a field trip and taking a bath togther with Ricchan makes Fuuchan a mess. Two parts oneshot from Comic Lily vol. 1 and 2
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The Useless Senpai and The Talented Kouhai 4.6

The Useless Senpai And The Talented Kouhai

Chapter 1.5: After

17,975 May 28,20 Mochi Au Lait

Shiori is the worst player of her basketball club and is looked down on by her team members, until a talented first-year joins the team.
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Cat Maid and Mistress 4.6

Cat Maid And Mistress

Chapter 10: Mistress Can't Live Without Her Cat Maid Anymore

53,150 Jun 07,20 Zanka

A young lady employs the services of a feline maid, but they both come to realize that the lines dividing them between "mistress" and "servant" are becoming increasingly blurrier.
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Shiki-senpai Is Too Handsome! 4.5

Shiki-Senpai Is Too Handsome!

Chapter 10.5

39,702 May 18,20 Yuama

Who doesn’t love a super-cool senpai? Hinami is trying to figure out why this incredibly cool and charming upperclassman pays any attention to her. Shiki-senpai really does like Hina, and so, as she tries to be a good manager-in-training for the basketball team (of which Shiki-senpai is the star), Hina is learning a lot about the girls on the team, about dedication and, ultimate
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Kimi ni Tsumugu Bouhaku 4.8

Kimi Ni Tsumugu Bouhaku

Chapter 3

23,176 Jun 08,20 Yasaka Shuu

Tachibana Haruka is a college second year. She gave up on her dream to live a new life. One day she meets Hayama Nao, a first year student trying to become an actor. Each feeling the opposite towards theater, with unspoken feelings and unasked questions hidden in their hearts, their mutual attraction begins.
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Himegoto ~The Adult Virgin and The Experienced High Schooler ~ 4.2

Himegoto ~The Adult Virgin And The Experienced High Schooler ~

Chapter 6: Snow Muse

71,300 Jun 03,20 Hikarino Shimizu

A small collection of yuri manga by Shimizu Hikarino
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Futago Wazurai 4.6

Futago Wazurai

Chapter 5: Correcting My Path

50,283 May 27,20 Itsuki Sakurano

The manga focuses on twin sisters.
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Soulmate 4.7


Chapter 21: Secret

249,891 Jun 12,20 Ke Ran Bing (可燃冰), Wenzhi Lizi (文枝栗子)

Two girls are friends, sisters, and soulmates. Yu Qi, a 17-year-old high school student, wakes up to find that she and her 27-year-old self had switched souls. One has to relive the experience of meeting her lover again and the other has to bear the responsibility of being a girlfriend, despite being unfamiliar with the girl she's dating. Both worlds are always changing, but the only one who n
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Isuzu no Counter 2.8

Isuzu No Counter

Chapter 3 [End]

22,421 Apr 17,20 Kurogane Kenn

Takin`tips from a bartender can sometimes be entertaining. Isuzu Nyukawa likes to flirt with cute girls but has no girlfriend and no courage. Read and see her 3 attempts to have a bit of fun.
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After School 4.8

After School

Chapter 9: After School 9

535,531 Apr 11,20 Oshima Towa,Oshima Tomo

An after school romance of two girls.
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Cotton Candy 4.7

Cotton Candy

Chapter 3 [End]

30,892 Mar 28,20 Hamano Ringo

1-3. Cotton Candy 4. Bitter or Sweet? 5. Haru to Miniskirt 6. 37℃ 7. Aki Iro Irozuku 8. Tori no Yukue 9. Countdown 10. Cotton Candy 1.2.3
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Give My Heart To You. 4.6

Give My Heart To You.

Chapter 4: Morning

51,534 Apr 17,20 MUHAN

Author's Weibo
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Shinchou-sa Kanojo 4.6

Shinchou-Sa Kanojo

Chapter 3

61,091 Jun 10,20 sheepD

The story of a big and a small girlfriend Links:  Artist’s Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=14807885  Artist’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/sheepD_
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Sayuri Hime 3.7

Sayuri Hime

Vol.7 Chapter 6: Beach♥Girls

40,051 Mar 10,20 Chi-Ran,Fujieda Miyabi,Hakamada Mera,Jounouchi Nene,Kazuma Kowo,Kurokiri Misao,Minakata Sunao,Morishima Akiko,Namori,Nanzaki Iku,Natsuneko,Otsu Hiyori,Seiro Yuzuha,Shinonome Mizuo,Takahashi Mako,Tanim

A special mini-edition of Yuri Hime magazine with extremely short manga by Yurihime authors. This book was a special send-away item and is not available in stores. Sayuri-hime 1 ► Traces of Snow, by Takahashi Mako The protagonist goes to visit an old friend. ► A Devil's Sweet Snare, by Hakamada Mera A very short story about sweetness. ► Another
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Watashi no Tomodachi ga Sekaiichi Kawaii 4.5

Watashi No Tomodachi Ga Sekaiichi Kawaii

Chapter 8

203,456 Apr 09,20 Mitsuki (三月)

Saionji Koharo is an admirable student council president. A beautiful and flouncy lady that happens to always be followed around by a girl named Mirai.
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Haruru's Short Stories 4.1

Haruru's Short Stories

Chapter 3: Beats!

34,772 Mar 28,20 Haruru

Haruru's short stories
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