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Divine Damnation 4.4

Divine Damnation

Chapter 21

25,147 Jul 10,20 Piripara

She’s May, the oracle of light. He’s Zer, the 37th devil king of the underworld. They’re the most unlikely couple in or out of heaven. May? She needs him. All of him. After saving her from an assassination plot, Zer needs May to help save the underworld from an ancient threat. One problem: she’s not actually the oracle…Source of collecting images:bato.to/series/74328
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The Pharmacy Where the Wolf Howls 4.5

The Pharmacy Where The Wolf Howls

Chapter 18

61,390 Jul 07,20 Kim jisuk,Woodland

As a teen, Sooji was heartbroken when her favorite idol group LUPUS disbanded, thanks to the traitorous member Jackie quitting. Ten years later, Sooji has become a workaholic pharmacist who just wants a stable, predictable life. But she’s thrown for a loop when she suddenly runs into Jackie–at an animal shelter, of all places! After learning that he plans to return to showbiz, Sooji is
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Treasure- Demon's Museum 4.1

Treasure- Demon's Museum

Chapter 3

2,349 Jul 08,20 星宸曜海

Luo Luo lost her memory in a car accident. She was rescued by something not human. Her journey into a fantasy world has just begun.
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The Rest Of My Life With You 4.2

The Rest Of My Life With You

Chapter 5

5,017 Jul 04,20 Si yu - Zhi wen

After losing his wife Yusheng, Heling was utterly devastated. But somehow he found a girl who is a mirror image of Yusheng, but has the memories of someone named Wenning. Even worse, some guy who claims to be her childhood sweetheart hangs out around her everyday nonstop! How will Heling find his way back into her memories again? And how will he find the girl he loved before?
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Someday, I want to die 4.6

Someday, I Want To Die

Chapter 1

2,987 Jun 29,20 Todol yoon jae ho

Mature content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.Myeong-In, a student at a third-rate university, doesn’t get much support or respect at home. But his true identity is a professional online gamer who is famous and rich, a star gamer nicknamed “God of Game”. Suddenly, three bea
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The God of “Game of God” 4.5

The God Of “Game Of God”

Chapter 9

122,079 Jul 10,20 Todol yoon jae ho

Mature content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.Myeong-In, a student at a third-rate university, doesn’t get much support or respect at home. But his true identity is a professional online gamer who is famous and rich, a star gamer nicknamed “God of Game”. Suddenly, three bea
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I Don't Want the Obsession of a Twisted Archduke 4.6

I Don't Want The Obsession Of A Twisted Archduke

Chapter 1

20,210 Jun 27,20 Bultandat (불탄닷)

I reincarnated as the wife of a cursed archduke in my own twisted novel. As the author, I took responsibility and set things right by lifting the curse, which was the key to returning home. I thought my job was done, and just when I was finally trying to go back, the archduke asked me, “Did you really think I wouldn’t know that you’re planning on returning to your fiance?”
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My Ex-Boyfriends Fell In Love With Me 4.4

My Ex-Boyfriends Fell In Love With Me

Chapter 3

5,119 Jul 10,20 Heettok

One office with two ex-boyfriends! What will be Han Na Bom’s fate…?
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Demonic Awakening 4.2

Demonic Awakening

Chapter 5

12,625 Jul 06,20 左岸卡漫

Mai Xiuying, an office worker, heads to her first interview. Instead, she walks into the arms of a wolf, aka Kai Yang, her boss, who is also a demon, this couldn’t possibly go wrong, right?
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This Boy Got Me Falling Hard 4.6

This Boy Got Me Falling Hard

Chapter 1

1,190 Jun 25,20 Yueying studio

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Chibi CEO's Sweetheart Designer 3.8

Chibi Ceo's Sweetheart Designer

Chapter 17

7,481 Jul 02,20 Wei bo dongman

A CEO, super star, adonis of a man, has a “tiny” issue in his life. A literally “tiny” issue—He turns tiny from time to time. Today he shrinks in size again, but instead of waiting for the effect to wear off as he usually did, his debuff is removed by the touch of a woman! Well…though it’s good to know that someone is the cure to his “tiny” is
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Your Face, Mine 3.6

Your Face, Mine

Chapter 12

7,012 Jun 25,20 weibo comic

When she is betrayed by life, life compensates her with faces…by which it means she is now able to turn her facial features and become a completely different person. Will being more beautiful make her life easier? No, as an overbearing CEO somehow shows exceptional interest in her original face…
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My Crazy Journalist Wife 4.7

My Crazy Journalist Wife

Chapter 8

19,686 Jul 10,20 Plam reading

Adapted from the novel “Mu Muchen”. In order to make milk powder, Xia offended Uranus superstar Mr. Lu early in the summer and ordered: “Throw it out and feed the dog.” Later, everyone said: Mr. Lu spoiled Mrs. Lu in the sky and was afraid He fell and was afraid of it in his mouth. “This day can’t be over, I’m going to divorce!” Xia Xia leaned back o
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Divine Soul Emperor 4.5

Divine Soul Emperor

Chapter 6

32,144 Jul 02,20 大行道动漫

The young man Lin Yan awakened the waste spirit and was ridiculed by everyone, but he did not know that the spirit was called the life and death coffin, and he turned around the heavens and earth. He also included a beautiful young girl master Qian Qianxue with unlimited ability. Ultimately the position of God Emperor Wu.
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The Rise of the Unemployed Wise Man 4.6

The Rise Of The Unemployed Wise Man

Chapter 3

42,642 Jun 25,20 Mikawa Ghost,Oomine

Karna was a boy that was given the title of "Sage" from heaven, is scouted by the hero party that had great expectations for his skills. However, his skill "necromancer" was creepy and he was immediately exiled. Karna, who got lost on the road without getting a reward, had accidentally invaded the Demon King territory and was targeted by the demons!
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Split Lover 4.6

Split Lover

Chapter 1

3,353 Jun 24,20 Ryo Sawamura

“If my true heart leaks, I wonder what feelings I will convey...” In this world, if your dissatisfaction rate reaches a certain level, your "Split" will satisfy your desire for you; Fission Syndrome. Makoto, a first-year high school student who fears Splitting and confessing to his crush, was accustomed to keeping his feelings hidden… Until, one day
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The adventure of boy with a mind of a middle aged man 4.8

The Adventure Of Boy With A Mind Of A Middle Aged Man

Chapter 2.1

73,744 Jun 29,20 Rikisui,Chihiro (ちひろ)

A nimble old man, Sagami Shirabe, has reincarnated into a body of a young boy with overpowered ability. However, he has reincarnated into a poor noble family, with a violent mother. On top of that, he gets exiled from the territory at 13... so now he is stuck in a weird situation. "If that's the case, how about I just explore this world?" or so he thought.
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Shijou Saikyou no Daimaou, Murabito A ni Tensei suru 4.8

Shijou Saikyou No Daimaou, Murabito A Ni Tensei Suru

Chapter 3: The Former Demon Lord's Blunder

49,730 Jun 24,20 Katou Myoujin,Kobota Misuho

The greatest demon lord in all history, Varvatos, has reigned for several millennia as absolute ruler. Now, there's only one thing left for him to do... enjoy the life of an average commoner! When he reincarnates as a villager in an unspeakable city, everything seems to go as he expected, but there's just one small problem: even when he restrains himself, Varvatos is still too strong! In a
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I Stack Experience Through Reading Books 4.5

I Stack Experience Through Reading Books

Chapter 15

81,080 Jul 06,20 Ta-Hong Il,Ji-Won Lee,Sang-Jun Hyeong

The main character, Jong-Seok Lee used to be your average, run of the mill person. The only thing remotely interesting about him is the fact that he’s always at local book stores. All of that changes when he suddenly encounters a completely blank book and foolishly accepts what’s asked of him...
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The Shut-in Lady Is An Understanding Sacred Beast Caretaker 4.9

The Shut-In Lady Is An Understanding Sacred Beast Caretaker

Chapter 1

7,000 Jun 23,20 YAMADA Touko,OONIWA Soto

"We need money for your bedridden mother. So please, work at the Royal Palace!" This is what the daughter of a Count, Muriel, was told by her father one day, which she firmly refused. That's because she's a shut-in whose weakness is socializing, simply immersing herself in books. No way am I going to work at the Royal Palace!, is what she t
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Onakura no Yuurei-san 4.7

Onakura No Yuurei-San

Chapter 1

4,300 Jun 23,20 Adobenchara

A mysterious triangular relationship between Hasami Youichi, who has a secret love for Miss Ghost (Yuurei-san), and the public morals chairperson Kagesaki Kisara, who has a secret herself. [Back cover text, somewhat expanded.]
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Bloody Roar the Fang 3.5

Bloody Roar The Fang

Chapter 2: Bull-Headed Demon - Ghost Of The Minotaur

879 Jun 23,20 Maruyama Tomo

Those who manipulate the power of “beastification” that transforms into a beast, they are called “beast people”. A high school girl, Mashiro, who was involved in a certain bizarre incident, to know the existence of the mysterious power that dwells in herself. Furthermore, a mysterious man named Fang appears before her...! ? - Google translated from Amazo
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Sekiro Side Story: Hanbei the Undying 5

Sekiro Side Story: Hanbei The Undying

Chapter 8

23,570 Jun 23,20 Yamamoto Shin

The Sengoku Era… A time when losing a battle meant losing it all. The Sword Saint, Isshin Ashina, aims for world domination… That is, until he encounters a certain Samurai…
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War-Ble 4.7


Chapter 101

475,910 Jun 25,20 Cracker

Humans live in the overworld, and demons in the underworld.There is only one way for humans to travel between the worlds.Mankind’s last hope: WARBLE.
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